About Sonny Gurney

Sonny entered the insurance industry in 2003 as a final expense agent working for a captive company. Due to the turn over in the industry, Sonny understands the importance of training. One thing that Sonny quickly realized in the Medicare space, many FMO’s have the carrier reps come in to discuss their product and call it “training”.  The reality is the carrier rep is only reviewing their product that any agent can read about. At 4T BROKERAGE, we work with agents in classroom settings and teach agents about presenting the product, how to find the right plan for the client, how to submit application plus a lot more.

When Sonny left the other agency, he was told that he owned his book of business, but when he left, the owner withheld his commissions. That’s when Sonny learned that an L.O.A (licensed only agent) contract or assigning  your commissions means that you DO NOT own your business.

Sonny was lied to and lied about, had commissions stolen from him….This experience has given Sonny a PASSION for educating agents and bringing transparency to the industry.

Through experience and hardship, Sonny learned that every agent should understand contracting, what it means to assign commission and how to protect their renewals. You must be transparent and have a heart to heart discussion about goals, etc.

In 2014, he became an independent broker in the Health and Medicare space. During the first 4 years of his agency, Sonny added life, final expense and P&C lines into his portfolio for cross-selling opportunities.

We begin at transparency and how Sonny got burned and the importance of pros, cons, succession planning, commissions, contracting – we give you all the detailed information and facts, overrides, we give you all the details and information you need/require to make an informed decision (LOA contract – licensed ___ agent)

What is Testimony? – if you were to speak with any of the carrier reps in the state of Michigan, literally Sonny’s reputation is consistent and honorable. The carrier reps all understand how the different FMO’s operate and they all have to respect the relationship with the FMO’s so they are not allowed to discuss contracting and commissions with the agents. The carriers all know they are free to speak freely with my agents about commissions and contracting.

We’re shaking things up in the industry, we are bringing much needed change to the industry.