About Us

We’re shaking things up in the industry because we’re passionate about giving Agents a better choice. We believe that all Agents should understand contracting and be treated fairly.

Before agents do any contracting with 4TBrokerage, we have a conversation explaining the differences between being an independent agent and LOA, a licensed only agent. Agents need to understand that when they assign commissions to an agency, they don’t actually own their book of business.

4TBrokerage is a national FMO with a large, local presence with over 70 carriers, and we’re excited to offer you a positive, supportive culture with meaningful relationships.

We’ll provide you with everything you need to accomplish your goals – including the tools, technology, dedicated support and one-on-one training to help you grow your business and sell more, faster!

We also support agencies that are looking to grow by helping with recruiting, contracting, training and strategic business planning. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small they might be.


Our Values



We Believe… Agents are most successful when they know and understand the product correctly.



We Believe… Agents make informed decisions when given all the facts and information.



We Believe… Quality speaks for itself. See what Agents are saying about us.



We Believe… Trust is earned, not given. We do what we say we’re going to do.

Mission & Vision

4TBrokerage believes that every Agent should understand contracting, what it means to assign commissions and how to protect their renewals through succession planning.

“When I was first working at an agency, I was told that I “owned” my book of business,” said Sonny Gurney the Founder and President of 4TBrokerage, “How I found out I didn’t actually own my book of business is that when I left the agency, they withheld my commissions. It wasn’t until after I contacted an attorney, had a couple meetings with the agency owner and then signed a contract that I was finally able to get my commissions.”

With a passion to bring transparency to the industry, Sonny took on the mission of educating agents about LOA contracts. “Ultimately,” said Sonny, “I decided to learn from my mistakes and move forward with educating other Agents on how to truly own their book of business – while creating a succession plan and protecting their future renewals.”

Today, Sonny is shaking things up in the industry by helping Agents make better-informed decisions by providing them with all the facts up-front, as evidenced by the many positive testimonials. Agents working with 4TB have peace-of-mind knowing that no matter what happens, they own their book of business.

“At 4TBrokerage, we strive to build a culture of trust with meaningful relationships. We aim to become the largest FMO in Michigan by helping Agents grow their book of business – all while providing the best training available and teaching them how to utilize the best business practices for today and many years to come.”


About Sonny

Sonny entered the insurance industry in 2003 as a final expense agent working for a captive company. In 2014, he became an independent broker in the Health and Medicare space. During the first 4 years of his agency, Sonny added life, final expense and P&C lines into his portfolio for cross-selling opportunities. In 2018, the agency became an FMO. Today, 4T Brokerage is a national FMO with agents across the country selling insurance utilizing the support of 4T BROKERAGE.

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