What We Offer

Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to reach your goals. We offer personalized service and support to help you grow your business, as well as in-depth product training, closer relationships with the carrier, top commissions, online quoting software, succession planning, business consulting, bonus offerings and so much more.

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Agent Support


Succession Planning

The average Medicare Agent is in their late 50’s and unfortunately, most don’t have a plan for retirement or sudden death. We’ve worked with top insurance attorneys to help you protect what you’ve worked so hard to build all these years. Reach out to us today for a free consultation on how to create a succession plan for you.


Immediate Sales Support

Never be in a sales appointment without immediate support. For fast, reliable help, we’ve created a Text Message Group with 5 key Medicare Experts to answer any of your questions on-demand. We’ve also created a private Facebook page to provide guidance and to answer any of your insurance questions!


Online Quoting Software

Free access to quoting tools for Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Health, STM, Ancillary, Final Expense and Term Insurance.


CRM for Tracking Business

Track your commissions and your book of business with CRM software.


Training Support

We provide classroom style training as well as workshops, webinars and presentations to help you sell more.


Recruiting Events

We’ll show you how to conduct successful events to attract agents who want to learn more about you and what you have to offer.


Bonus Offerings

Improve performance by earning exciting getaways, giveaways, cash bonuses and more!


Business Strategies

We work with you one-on-one to set goals and discuss key marketing ideas to help you reach all your objectives.


E&O Insurance

We offer E&O to our agents that is less expensive than what you’ll find on your own.


Application Processing

Our staff can review and submit your Medicare applications for you. Spend less time processing and more time selling!


Our sales and training resource center allows agents to access vital information and resources to sell more, faster!

  • Access from Anywhere on Any Device
  • Carrier & Product Information
  • Quote Engines, Enrollment Forms & Contracting Access
  • Workshop & Webinar Registration
  • Training & Certification Access
  • Latest Product & Industry News
  • Quick & Easy Ordering for Marketing Support
  • And Much More

Marketing & Sales



The more you produce, the more 4TDollars you earn for marketing support, lead generation and more!


Lead Generation

We’ll help you find new leads by focusing on your local, geographic area and product specific lead generation.


Direct Mail

Generate more leads by utilizing our direct marketing campaigns, proven to have higher returns than average, close to 4% return!



Our Call Center focuses on your target audience within your local area, calling to schedule new appointments on your behalf.

Community Marketing Programs

Create new opportunities with high-quality leads in a variety of community settings including Retail, Medical, Senior Events and more. 4TBrokerage has long-standing relationships with organizations in a wide variety of neighborhood settings including retail vendors, healthcare providers and neighborhood centers, allowing you to get in front of the right audience with the right message.


Retail Marketing

We have partnerships with a wide-range of retailers and carriers including Aetna, CVS and WalMart.


Provider Marketing

Reach consumers in relevant settings including Physician Offices, Medical Clinics, Health Centers and much more.


Neighborhood Marketing

Connect with key demographics including Senior Living Communities, Faith-Based Organizations, Community Centers, Food Pantries and more.

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Agent Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some of our agents have had to say about us in their own words!

Bev M.

To me, 4TBrokerage feels like family! I’ve heard this phrase so often, “You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself,” but have never experienced it until now! After I got licensed, I worked in a Call Center for a little more than a year. When I left, I decided to start over again on my own. I worked from home, which I enjoyed – but felt very much alone in this business. Last spring, I got an email invitation to attend a DSNP Workshop that 4TBrokerage was hosting and decided to attend. From the moment I heard Sonny introduce himself and tell his story, I could see and feel his sincerity in helping agents and knew that’s what I was looking for. Besides putting on workshops and various types of trainings to help you grow your business, there are texting and Facebook groups, so you never have a question that doesn’t get answered. Even though I have not personally met all the agents that are with 4TBrokerage, I now have that connection with others that are working on their own just like me. Thank you Sonny for your openness and honesty to agents and for your unending support to help us achieve our goals, no matter how big or small they might be!

Danielle L.

I wanted to say “Thank You!” for the kindness and concern from your customer service team. They are truly a value and a great blessing. Keep up the good work!

Steve M.

I have known Sonny Gurney for about 13 years, first meeting when we both worked for another insurance company. I could see he was an extremely hard worker and went out of his way to assist anyone who knocked at his door. When I retired in 2018, I wanted to work with people who were in or entering Medicare. Being 70 years old at the time, I knew the complexity and confusion that occurs when the search begins. I called on Sonny and explained that I only wanted to work with Medicare and asked if he could see a place for me at his agency. He accepted my situation, and I signed-on. Sonny and his team have been there for me whenever I have a question, letting me work at my own pace. Actually, Sonny probably wishes I would pick-up the pace, but he has never raised the point. Sonny has a great outlook for his company and is willing to let anyone who sees his vision become part of the team.

Kim B.

4TBrokerage has a great attitude and super work ethic. They’re always so positive, seeing the brighter side of things. The entire staff is appreciated, a very cohesive team always responding with timely and suitable resolutions.

Jason L.

I have been an independent broker for several years and working with Medicare beneficiaries over 10 years. Four years ago through a mutual acquaintance, I first met Sonny Gurney, who has proven to be one of the most important connections I have made, and his influence has undoubtedly contributed to my success as an independent agent. 4TBrokerage strategically positions brokers for success by providing support, resources and core tools that help them excel while growing their business. Sonny takes a commonsense approach to create a “Team Atmosphere” that fosters collaboration, individual experiences and resources to benefit the collective. I am grateful to have found a home at 4T Brokerage that prioritizes transparency, trust and people.